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Image Game Manufacturer Platform Genre Media Type Country
Air Zonk Hudson Horizontal Shooter USA
Alien Front Online SEGA 3D Shooter USA
Armored Core : Last Raven From Software Mech Simulation USA
Berzerk GCE Arcade USA
Buster Bros Hudson Platform USA
Color Clash Revival Studios Puzzle USA
Cosmic Fantasy 2 Working Designs Adventure USA
Evolution 2 Ubisoft Adventure USA
Exile Working Designs Adventure USA
Front Mission 4 Square Strategy USA
Gate of Thunder Hudson Compilation USA
Godzilla TTI Fighting USA
Grandia III Square RPG USA
Grandia Xtreme Enix RPG USA
Lords of Thunder TTI Horizontal Shooter USA
Marvel Ultimate Alliance Activision Action USA
Might and Magic 3 Hudson Adventure USA
Mobile Suit Gundam : Encounters in Space Bandai 3D Action USA
Mobile Suit Gundam : Gundam vs Zeta Gundam Bandai 3D Action USA
Mobile Suit Gundam : Journey to Jaburo Bandai 3D Action USA
Naval Ops : Warship Gunner 2 Koei Simulation USA
Odin Sphere Atlus Action USA
Pitchers Duel MB Sports USA
Polar Rescue GCE Simulation USA
Rip Off GCE Arcade USA
Robotech Battlecry TDK Mediactive 3D Shooter USA
Samba de Amigo SEGA Party USA
Scramble GCE Arcade USA
Shadow of the Beast Psygnosis Platform USA
Sim Earth TTI Simulation USA
Skygunner Atlus 3D Shooter USA
Star Sling Vectorzoa Arcade USA
Super Mario Galaxy Nintendo Platform USA
Terraforming TTI Horizontal Shooter USA
The Addams Family NEC Platform USA
TV Sports Hockey NEC Sports USA
Vasteel Working Designs Strategy USA
Vectrexians MB Arcade USA
Ys III - Wanderers from Ys Falcom Adventure USA

Wanted Games

Image Game Manufacturer Platform Genre Media Country
Astal SEGA Platform USA
Baten Kaitos : Origins Namco RPG USA
Megaman 8 Capcom Platformer USA
Megaman X4 Capcom Platformer USA
MS Saga Bandai RPG USA
Operation Darkness Success Strategy USA
SEGA Marine Fishing SEGA Simulation USA
Shining Force EXA SEGA RPG USA
Shining Force Neo SEGA RPG USA
Shining Tears SEGA RPG USA
Wild Arms 5 Media Vision RPG USA