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Image Game Manufacturer Platform Genre Media Country
Amped 2 Microsoft Sports UK
Area 51 Midway First Person Shooter UK
Baldur's Gate : Dark Alliance Interplay Adventure UK
Baldur's Gate : Dark Alliance II Interplay Adventure UK
Batman : Rise of Sin Tzu Ubisoft 3D Action UK
Batman : Vengeance Ubisoft 3D Action UK
Beyond Good and Evil Ubisoft Adventure UK
Black Criterion First Person Shooter UK
Blood Wake Microsoft 3D Action UK
Burnout 3 : Takedown Criterion Racing UK
Burnout 4 : Revenge Electronic Arts Racing UK
Call of Duty 2 : Big Red One Activision First Person Shooter UK
Call of Duty 3 Activision First Person Shooter UK
Call of Duty : Finest Hour Activision First Person Shooter UK
Colin Mcrae Rally 3 Codemasters Racing UK
Conan : Dark Axe TDK Mediactive Adventure UK
Crimson Skies FASA Simulation UK
Deus Ex : Invisible War Eidos First Person Shooter UK
Dreamfall Funcom Adventure UK
Fable Lionhead Studios RPG Other country/region
Fable : The Lost Chapters Lionhead Studios RPG UK
Far Cry Instincts Ubisoft First Person Shooter UK
Far Cry Instincts : Evolution Ubisoft First Person Shooter UK
Far Cry Instincts : Evolution Ubisoft First Person Shooter UK
Forza Motorsport Microsoft Racing UK
Freedom Fighters Electronic Arts Action UK
Futurama Acclaim Platform UK
Gladius Lucas Arts RPG UK
Grand Theft Auto : Double Pack Rockstar Action Other country/region
Grand Theft Auto : Double Pack Rockstar Action UK
Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas Rockstar Action UK
Halo Bungie First Person Shooter UK
Halo 2 Bungie First Person Shooter Other country/region
Headhunter Redemption SEGA Action UK
Hitman 2 : Silent Assassin Eidos First Person Shooter UK
Jade Empire Bioware RPG UK
Jet Set Radio Future SEGA Action UK
Kingdom Under Fire : Heroes Phantagram Strategy UK
Kingdom Under Fire : The Crusaders Phantagram Strategy UK
Legacy of Kain : Blood Omen 2 Eidos Action UK
Legacy of Kain : Defiance Eidos Action UK
Marvel Ultimate Alliance Activision Action USA
MechAssault Microsoft Action UK
MechAssault 2 : Lone Wolf Microsoft Action UK
Mercenaries Lucas Arts Action UK
Metal Arms Glitch in the System Sierra 3D Action UK
Need For Speed : Underground 2 Electronic Arts Racing UK
Otogi 2 : Immortal Warriors SEGA Action UK
Panzer Dragoon Orta SEGA 3D Shooter UK
Project Gotham Racing Microsoft Racing UK
Project Gotham Racing 2 Microsoft Racing UK
Project Snowblind Eidos Action UK
Razes Hell Majesco 3D Shooter UK
Robotech Battlecry TDK Mediactive 3D Shooter Other country/region
Robotech Invasion Take Two 3D Shooter Other country/region
Secret Weapons over Normandy Lucas Arts Flight Simulator UK
Shadow the Hedgehog SEGA Action UK
Simpsons : Hit & Run Acclaim Racing UK
Soldier of Fortune II Activision First Person Shooter UK
Sonic Heroes SEGA Action UK
Sonic Mega Collection Plus! SEGA Compilation UK
Star Wars : Battlefront Lucas Arts 3D Shooter UK
Star Wars : Battlefront 2 Lucas Arts 3D Shooter UK
Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic Bioware RPG UK
Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic II Bioware RPG UK
Syberia Microids Adventure UK
Syberia II Microids Adventure UK
The Elder Scrolls - Morrowind : Game of the Year Edition Bethesda Softworks RPG UK
The Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King Electronic Arts Action UK
The Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers Electronic Arts Action UK
Thief: Deadly Shadows Eidos Interactive 3D Action UK
TOCA Race Driver 3 Codemasters Racing UK
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Ubisoft 3D Shooter UK
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 Ubisoft 3D Shooter UK
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 : Summit Strike Ubisoft 3D Shooter UK
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon : Island Thunder Ubisoft 3D Shooter UK
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Ubisoft 3D Shooter UK
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory Ubisoft Action UK
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell : Pandora Tomorrow Ubisoft Action UK
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Activision Sports UK
Unreal Championship 2 Midway First Person Shooter UK
X-Men Legends Activision Action UK
X-Men Legends II : Rise of Apocalypse Activision Action UK
XIII Ubisoft First Person Shooter UK
Yaegar Midway 3D Action UK

Wanted Games

Image Game Manufacturer Platform Genre Media Country
Broken Sword : The Sleeping Dragon Revolution Software Adventure UK
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Lucas Arts 3D Action UK
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Lucas Arts 3D Action UK
Star Wars Jedi Starfighter Lucas Arts 3D Shooter UK
Star Wars Starfighter Lucas Arts 3D Shooter UK
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell : Double Agent Ubisoft 3D Action UK


Game Path Size
Advent Rising.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 4.4G
Air Force - Delta Storm.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.7G
Alien Hominid.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.5G
Arx Fatalis.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.6G
Atari Anthology [!].7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 747M
Bad Boys II.tgz /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.9G
Battlestar Galactica.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.4G
Black Stone.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 804M
Bloodrayne2.tgz /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.6G
Bloodrayne.tgz /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 908M
Blood Wake.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 626M
Broken Sword 3.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 4.2G
Call of Cthulhu (NTSC).iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 3.2G
Capcom Fighting Evolution.7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 363M
Capcom vs SNK 2 EO.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 392M
Castlevania CoD.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.7G
Cold War.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.9G
Conker Live and Reloaded.tgz /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 4.0G
Crimson Sea - NTSC.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.8G
Crimson Sea Walkthrough FAQ.mht /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 332K
Daisenryaku.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 753M
Dead or Alive 1.7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 148M
Dead or Alive 2.tgz /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.8G
Dead or Alive 3.tgz /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 3.8G
Demon Stone.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.4G
Destroy all Humans! - 2.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.5G
Destroy All Humans.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.2G
Digimon Rumble Arena 2.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.6G
Digimon World 4.tgz /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 567M
DnDHeroes.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.5G
Doom 3 - NTSC.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.9G
Doom 3 - Resurrection of Evil - NTSC.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.2G
Double STEAL.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 369M
Drake Of The 99 Dragons.tgz /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 489M
Dynasty Warriors 3.tgz /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 506M
Dynasty Warriors 4.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 3.8G
Dynasty Warriors 5.tgz /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.3G
Evil Dead [!].7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 849M
Evil Dead - Regeneration [!].7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 3.0G
ExaSkeleton.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.8G
Fable - NTSC.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.4G
Fallout - Brotherhood of Steel.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 4.4G
Far Cry - Instincts [!].7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.6G
Galleon.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 406M
Gauntlet - Dark Legacy.tar.bz2 /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 629M
Gauntlet - Seven Sorrows.tar.bz2 /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.6G
Grand Theft Auto - Double Pack (GTAIII & GTA Vice City).iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.1G
Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.9G
Guilty Gear Isuka.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 605M
Guilty Gear XX Reloaded.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 895M
gungrifastrke-sz.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 956M
Gungriffon Allied Strike.tgz /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 621M
Half Life 2.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.0G
Halo - Combat Evolved [!].7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.8G
Heroes of the Pacific.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.6G
Hitman 2.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.3G
Hitman 3.tgz /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.3G
Hitman 4 - Blood Money.ISO /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 3.7G
Hunter the Reckoning Redeemer.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.8G
Hunter The Reckoning.tgz /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.6G
Iron Phoenix.tar.bz2 /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.5G
Just Cause.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 3.4G
Knights Of The Temple 2.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.4G
Knights Of The Temple.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.8G
Largo Winch.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 865M
Legacy of Kain Defiance [!].7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.9G
LEGO Star Wars I.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.5G
LEGO Star Wars II - The Original Trilogy.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.6G
LOTR Third Age.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 3.8G
Marvel Nemesis - Rise Of The Imperfects [!].7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.8G
Marvel Vs Capcom 2.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 241M
Max Payne 2 [!].7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.1G
Max Payne [!].7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 763M
Medal Of Honor - European Assault - NTSC.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.7G
Medal Of Honor - Frontline.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 3.0G
Medal Of Honor - Rising Sun.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 4.2G
Mega Man Anniversary.tgz /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.4G
Metal Gear Solid 2.tgz /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 3.3G
Metal Slug 3.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 188M
Metal Slug 4.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 268M
Metal Slug 5.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 371M
Metal Wolf Chaos.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.9G
Murakumo Renegade Mech Pursuit [!].7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 822M
Ninja Gaiden Black.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 4.3G
OddWorld Strangers Wrath.ISO /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.2G
Outrun 2006 - Coast to Coast.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 831M
Outrun 2 [!].7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 860M
Panzer Dargoon Orta - NTSC.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.9G
Panzer Elite Action.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.5G
Phantasy Star Online.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.8G
Prince of Persia 2.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.8G
Prince of Persia 3.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.5G
Project Gotham Racing 2.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 4.0G
Psychonauts [!].7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 3.4G
Psyvariar 2 Extend Edition XBOX NTSC-J.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 190M
Rent A Hero No.1.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.4G
Return to Castle Wolfenstein.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 3.5G
Robotech Battlecry - NTSC.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.7G
Robotech Invasion - NTSC.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.7G
Rogue Trooper.7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.3G
Scrapland.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.9G
Shenmue II.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 4.4G
Sniper Elite v2.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.7G
Snk Vs Capcom SVC Chaos.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 782M
Soul calibur2.tar.gz /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 961M
Spartan Total Warrior.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.8G
Spy Hunter 2.ISO /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.1G
Spy Hunter.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 3.5G
Spyhunter - Nowhere to run.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.8G
Star Wars Episode III.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.5G
Star Wars - Jedi Knight III - Jedi Academy.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.5G
Star Wars - Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.7G
Star Wars - Jedi Starfighter [!].7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.7G
Star Wars Republic Commando.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 3.4G
Star Wars - Starfighter SE [!].7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 863M
Star Wars - The Clone Wars.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.4G
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [!].7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 878M
The Red Star [!].7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 722M
The Sims 2.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.6G
The Sims - Bustin Out.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.0G
The Sims.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 395M
TMNT 2 - Battle Nexus [!].7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.0G
TMNT 3 - Mutant Nightmare.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.5G
ToeJam & Earl III.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.3G
Turok - Evolution [!].7z /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.2G
Ultimate Spiderman.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.3G
Ultra Bust A Move.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 138M
Wings of War.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.8G
Worms 3D.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.2G
Wreckless - Yakuza Missions.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.7G
X-Men New Dimension.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.4G
X-Men - The Official Game.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 3.2G
Xyanide 480p.xbe /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 3.7M
Xyanide (USA).iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 2.6G
Yukikaze - NTSC.iso /export/Games/Console Games/XBox/Games 1.1G


Image System Manufacturer Platform Country
Xbox Microsoft UK

Wanted Systems

There are no systems currently wanted for this platform.