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Originally fitted with Xecutor 1 mod chip and larger 40Gb IBM HDD. Power switch wired to extension lead as I installed it in car as a media player, years ago.
Power button now replaced, original Xecutor 1 modchip has been removed and the latest Xecutor 3 CE mod chip, controller board (fitted to rear of case) installed along with a much larger 320Gb hard drive.
The internal case has been modified slightly to fit a heatsink on the Nvidia MCP audio/system chip, two 40mm fans have been fitted between the front of the disk drive and the case (the front of the case has been perforated to allow airflow) and the original 60mm case fan has been replaced with a larger 80mm Sharkoon silent fan.
Currently running Avalaunch desktop replacement software alongside XBMC.
320GB drive replaced with the largest available IDE drive as of October 2009 - system now has a 750GB Seagate AV drive.


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