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Here's the TargetEarth blog, it's mostly useless information with a few extremely niche tech posts…

Some useful shortcuts:

* Network Booting with dnsmasq - Using dnsmasq for DHCP, TFTP and PXE booting on various clients

  • NetBSD - Configuring dnsmasq to netboot NetBSD (x86, m68k)
  • Linux - Netbooting x86 Linux (Ubuntu, Mint) using dnsmasq
  • Solaris - Supporting network installation of Solaris on Sparc using dnsmasq

* INMOS Transputers

Recent Posts

Network Booting with dnsmasq

I have lots of computers, and, as I grow older, ever decreasing amounts of patience. So, when I want to reinstall the operating system on something, I don't want to mess around with floppy disks, CD-ROMs or USB flash drives.

On most recent unix-ish systems you can install dnsmasq to provide a combined DNS, DHCP, PXE and TFTP server with very little configuration.

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2018/11/08 21:21 · john
Netbooting NetBSD
2018/11/08 20:35 · john
INMOS Transputers

Transputers are ancient tech… but pretty cool. Unfortunately they were much ahead of their time and were outclassed by other manufacturers coming out with faster, more traditional microprocessors.

Anyway, I have a few of them, as well as a few interface boards that connect them to more typical computers (read as: PC's or workstations).

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2018/11/08 16:05 · john
First Post!

Wow, this is my first post using the blog tool of dokuwiki. Looks like it should be a useful tool to record some of my rambling thoughts…

Let's see how this goes :)

2018/11/08 15:37 · john
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