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Hydra Scart Switcher

I have lots of systems to connect via RGB scart, at least 15 at the last count. I wanted a single display format (HDMI), so I have everything going through an OSSC Scaler; I needed a multi-way scart switch in front of it in order to handle all of the systems I wanted to connect up.

I chose to go with the Wide Hydra from Lotharek, which at first glance looks to be an excellent solution.

However, I've since found that it is extremely sensitive to both the type of scart cable you use, as well as the type of signal being sent over the cable; specifically the voltage of the video sync line (scart pin 20).

The device is designed closely to the scart specification which lists a voltage of 0-1v for most of the lines… however lots of systems don't appear to be anywhere near this specification unless you make some modifications to the video signal they're outputting.

As a result, virtually none of my systems work as-is with the Hydra, when they used to work perfectly directly to a Sony PVM monitor, or work perfectly when connected directly to an OSSC scaler.

I'm going to try and summarise my findings here:

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2019/06/14 09:24 · john

Home Office Move

On moving to our new house in 2014 I made the third of our four bedrooms into a small office space for my computing and video game collection. It worked quite well (though became increasing cluttered) over the years, but by 2019 I was forced to downsize and move to the fourth bedroom to make space for a another bedroom for the second of our mini-people.

As such, a lot of effort was put in to designing the new, smaller space to accomodate the bulk of the computing/gaming equipment, with the advantage of new technology (including HDMI adapters for almost everything, to do away with the CRT monitor) and a need to box up almost all games for those systems where they could be pre-loaded to HDD or flash cards… as a result it's a much busier room, but actually works much better.

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2019/06/10 09:34 · john

Personal Projects

2019/06/10 09:32 · john


The following is taken from my project which is hosted at:

An example of the emulated LCD output from the program, running live against my Escort Cosworth:

And here you can see the actual physical output devices - one being an OLED screen for the main control, and small sub-screen showing a single sensor:

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2019/06/07 11:36 · john

Car Projects

  • Ford Escort mk1 - Restoration and Cosworth conversion video series
  • PyCosworth - Datalogger, interface and GUI for the Weber Marelli ECU as used in the Ford Sierra/Escort Cosworth
2019/06/07 11:35 · john
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