Home Office Move

On moving to our new house in 2014 I made the third of our four bedrooms into a small office space for my computing and video game collection. It worked quite well (though became increasing cluttered) over the years, but by 2019 I was forced to downsize and move to the fourth bedroom to make space for a another bedroom for the second of our mini-people.

As such, a lot of effort was put in to designing the new, smaller space to accomodate the bulk of the computing/gaming equipment, with the advantage of new technology (including HDMI adapters for almost everything, to do away with the CRT monitor) and a need to box up almost all games for those systems where they could be pre-loaded to HDD or flash cards… as a result it's a much busier room, but actually works much better.

2019 -

Constructing the desk and shelving

Varnishing the desk

Installing shelves and wiring

Scart cabling wiring and switch

Filling up the shelves

Finished Layout


2014 - 2019

Last image before the relocation to the new room:

How the room looked for most of the time:

First room setup after moving in:

Fit or move existing components or route wiring:

  • FIT Keyboard cable from VGA KVM to desktop keyboard switch
  • FIT UK and Japanese keyboard connect to desktop keyboard switch
  • FIT PS/2 Trackball to VGA KVM
  • FIT Wire up power and scart for Amstrad CPC464
  • FIT Wire up power and scart for NeoGeo AES
  • FIT Wire up PS/2 cables (x2) from MSX2 to VGA KVM
  • FIT Wire up PS/2 cables (x2) from Amiga 500 to VGA KVM
  • FIT Wire up PS/2 cables (x2) from Atari STe 520 to VGA KVM
  • FIT PSX HDMI adapter
  • FIT PS2 HDMI adapter - But it's not particularly great quality, perhaps component output to OSSC instead?
  • FIT New CF card in Amiga 1200
  • FIT IDE to CF card adapter and CF card in Risc PC
  • FIT AztecMonster SCSI to CF reader and flash card in Mac IICi
  • FIT MIDI cable to run to RS232 MIDI adapter in PC-9821
  • FIT Vectrex to space on top of desk or shelving (maybe in place of GBA?)
  • FIT Everdrive GBA X5 flash card to GBA
  • FIT Power supply to GBA and plug in to remote power switch
  • MOVE Metal drawers from under old office desk to somewhere
  • MOVE Metal paint/tool chest to garage
  • FIT Picture frames to walls
  • FIT 5v PSU to Atari ST sd card reader - to run off main Atari socket
  • MOVE Everything from old office desks
  • MOVE All old, un-needed cables to loft or garage
  • MOVE Anything else from old office to loft or garage
  • MOVE All packing boxes from top of stairs to loft or garage
  • MOVE Reference books to somewhere…
  • FIT & TEST Wiring for
    • PC-9821
      • VGA cable check
      • 240 to 110v cable and convertor
      • PS2 keyboard to check
      • PS2 mouse to check
      • 3.5mm stereo jack
      • Roland MIDI cable
      • RS232 MIDI cable
    • Risc PC
      • VGA cable check
      • PS2 keyboard check
      • PS2 mouse check
      • 3.5mm stereo jack
    • Mac IICi
      • Mac to VGA cable check
      • ADB to PS2 keyboard cable
      • ADB to PS2 mouse cable
      • 3.5mm stereo jack
  • MOVE Boxes of unpainted miniatures to top of bookcases
  • FIT Remaining ethernet cables
    • PC-9821
    • Risc PC
    • Mac IICi

Install components, solder or build:

  • INSTALL Amiga 500 internal PS/2 keyboard adapter (plus trailing PS/2 socket)
  • INSTALL Repair Turbo Duo RGB scart cable
  • INSTALL Atari STe internal PS/2 keyboard and mouse adapter install
  • INSTALL Small IDE to CF card adapter (<512MB) in PC-9821
    • INSTALL DOS to CF card
    • INSTALL EXIDE 486 IDE BIOS modification software to CF card documented here
    • REMOVE BIOS chip from PC-9821 SCSI card
    • FLASH New EEPROM with EXIDE486 generated ROM images
    • INSTALL EEPROM to PC-9821 SCSI card
  • PC-Engine modification
    • INSTALL Either RGB board to PC-Engine, or
    • PURCHASE Super SD System interface board (~£200)
  • REPLACE faulty network cable for main Retro PC
  • FINISH VME chassis
    • Install 2x small (<18GB) SCSI drives
    • Mount IO panel to rear of chassis
    • Blanking plates to front
    • Fit 2x ethernet cables
    • Fit 2x RS232 to USB cables
    • Power supply cable to remote power switches
  • INSTALL New 2.5“ SATA drive to PS2 and load up with game images

Buy new parts or hardware:

  • PURCHASE 2m MIDI cable for PC-9821 RS232 MIDI interface
  • PURCHASE Turbo Duo power supply
  • PURCHASE Desktop power strip for airbrush compressor, soldering iron, lamp etc
  • PURCHASE original Sony Playstation to replace broken one
  • PURCHASE Buy 3x or 4x shelves for left hand side of desk
  • PURCHASE PS/2 keyboard adapter for MSX2
  • PURCHASE a Spectrum 128k or 128k +2a so that I can fit a PS/2 keyboard adapter - not compatible with +3
  • PURCHASE PS/2 keyboard adapter for Spectrum
  • PURCHASE Storage units for Vellejo paint dropppers and Tamiya small paint pots
  • PURCHASE Multi-drawer, wall mounted shelves for small electronics components (above monitor)

Things to sell or dispose of:

  • SELL Sony PVM 14L4 broadcast monitor
  • SELL Old Scart switches
  • SELL Full width Billy bookcase
  • SELL 3/4 width Billy bookcase
  • SELL 2x CD shelves
  • SELL 1x Office desk
  • SELL 1x Desk shelving/paper tray unit
  • SELL TV centre units
  • DISPOSE Old spray paint booth
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