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2019/06/10 09:32 · john


The following is taken from my project which is hosted at:

An example of the emulated LCD output from the program, running live against my Escort Cosworth:

And here you can see the actual physical output devices - one being an OLED screen for the main control, and small sub-screen showing a single sensor:

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2019/06/07 11:36 · john

Car Projects

  • Ford Escort mk1 - Restoration and Cosworth conversion video series
  • PyCosworth - Datalogger, interface and GUI for the Weber Marelli ECU as used in the Ford Sierra/Escort Cosworth
2019/06/07 11:35 · john

Libros de Chilam Balam [PC-98]


  • Genre: RPG (Western / Horror)
  • Date: 1992
  • Company: Right Stuff
  • Neo Kobe archive location: ./Right Stuff/Libros de Chilam Balam/

Online Information

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2019/06/07 09:26 · john

Installing DOS 6.20 [PC-98]

MS DOS on the PC-98 works pretty much exactly the same as on the IBM PC, but obviously the installer is almost entirely in Japanese and has a completely different layout to what everyone is used to in IBM PC land. Here's a walkthough of how to install MS DOS 6.20 on a fresh, unformatted PC-98 hard drive.

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2019/06/01 16:58 · john
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