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1995 Rover 220 Coupe Turbo Pictures

There's a mix of photos here, as some of them (the private plate) were taken from the original advert for the car. The later ones were during my ownership.

2020/03/04 15:44 · john

1992 Rover Metro GTi Pictures

These pictures were taken a long, long time ago (1999?) with a very early digital camera (not even 1MP resolution), so hence they are really quite crude quality compared to anything available now!

2020/03/04 15:29 · john

OO Gauge Train set and scenery

So this is a surprise Christmas present (2019) for my wife. She had told me that she always wanted a train set when she was a child, and had to settle with playing with her cousins set instead.

I ended up buying a Bachmann Digital branchline starter set (Class 25 diesel and two period-correct passenger carriages) as well as a freight engine (Bachman Class 57 diesel in Freightliner colours; her dad worked for BR and then Freightliner):

I also bought an extended loop of track, plus additional bits and pieces to put together a more complex setup.

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2019/12/16 10:00 · john

Z180 Mark IV Single Board Computer

There is a thriving community of enthusiasts who design and build their own computers from scratch, not just buying ready-built parts, but laying out pcb's, writing the firmware etc.

Check out:

A few years back I thought I'd have a go at assembling my own system from some of the designs on that site. I chose the Z180 Mark IV, a turbocharged variant of the venerable Z80 8bit processor with a memory management unit, 512KBytes of RAM, a multi-slot backplane and modern(ish!) storage, keyboard and display support.

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2019/11/21 15:00 · john

DIY Spraybooth

Since the move to the new office, I haven't been able to do any painting of models, as I had no way of using either spraycans or my airbrush. IN the previous office the size of the desks meant I could have a fairly ghetto setup with a huge cardboard box that I could spray into. Although I had no extractor, at least the paint (mostly) didn't go everywhere.

There are plenty of (cheap to very expensive) spray booths out there, including a very common one (under £70) that does pretty much everything I want:

However, the problem with this design is that the air is extracted out of the back of the unit. This means that you need quite a sizeable depth of desk to use it on. I don't have that:

I have a maximum of 75cm, front to back, and not a lot of free workspace to have something like that permanently in-place. What I needed to do was to build something like that, but that would fold-down even smaller, and with a top-mounted extractor to leave me without the depth issues whilst it is in use.

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2019/10/25 14:48 · john

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